How do nurses build relationships

How do nurses build relationships

How do nurses build relationships at work

Good morning colleagues. Hope we all woke up fine.

My dear professional colleagues I want to share this with you, hope this will benefits us all.

I want to talk about two most critical places in the hospital that is ICU and ER also with other units. This article will help nurses to develop good communication and interpersonal relationship skills.Carefully read:

1. Concept of Interpersonal relationship at work place.

2. Good communication and Understanding between colleagues.

3.Know Your patients know your Responsibilities.

In view with the existing situations between ICU nurses, Phase 1, & ER nurses there is a problem about the above mentioned three.

Some nurses uses the word saying ICU nurses use to “CRITICIZE”. This usually happens during Transfer in or admission of patients in to ICU. This is painful word to use as a colleagues, we are all the same, and as a part of a team with the same goal.

Most a time when a colleague brought new admission or transfer in patient into ICU what ICU nurse seek is to know about the patient from you and why the patient need to stay in ICU. But when you asked this, some of us will understand it as you criticizing them, while it’s their responsibility to handover the patient fully and make sure that there is no any gap from previous management in patients’ case folder and leave that’s all.

But the issue here is that Some patients may came into ICU and you see even the last PEWS taken was more than 4 hours ago, missing some managements in the folder. When you draw attention of this to the person brought the patient will then perceived it as CRITICISM.

• Interpersonal relationship in workplace

In  workplace, interpersonal relationship skills allow us to share a special bond with our co-workers such that trust and positive feelings for one another are maintained. Interpersonal relationship skills at workplace allow a better understanding among employees as well as more effective communication.

• 2.communication and Understanding between colleagues.

It’s a process of sending and receiving information with an end result in mind. When communicating your ideas you must be able to make them known and understood before they can be or will be accepted.

• Know Your patients know your Responsibilities.

We are all here because of our patients, so we need to take care of them with love like our brothers, how? By knowing and understanding them. If we know our patients we will have a better way to assist them and render our responsibilities to them to alleviate their suffering.

At the same time We should include caregiver in patient care, because all the care we provide to patients and not involving caregiver, make them to think otherwise wise, especially caregiver with terminally ill patient, as we have mentioned, may lead to discharge requests, LAMA, OR ABSCOND.


• Rapport

• Health education

• Counseling

• Encouraging

• Sympathy

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