Best types of health insurance in Nigeria

Types of health insurance in Nigeria

In this article we will discuss the best types of health insurance in Nigeria, so by reading this you will be able to understand what type of health insurance program you will select in Nigeria.

1. HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)

HMO is a type of health insurance plan or coverage that provides medical care via a network of doctors and other health providers that are under contract with the HMOs for a monthly or annual fee.

As their principle implies, you must have a primary health care physician in your HMO network who coordinates your care. This plan encourages policyholders to use a specific network of health care professionals and hospitals. However, unlike a PPO, restrictions are placed on HMO insured individuals as they cannot seek out-of-network care as the HMO won’t pay for it, except in some cases of emergencies or where the HMO doesn’t have an in-network provider for the health service you need. In the same vein, to see a specialist under an HMO arrangement, a referral from a primary health care doctor is required.

One advantage of HMOs is that it is a more economical choice as HMO providers are paid on a per-member basis, regardless of the number of times they see a member. You also have the convenience of having a primary health care doctor who manages your care under an HMO arrangement.

2. POS (Point Of Service)



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