About Us

About Hausaflix 

Our aim is making the world of educations and jobs easily accessible to the people.

Hausaflix is an educational and job board website that helps with latest updates and guides about special education and job offers.

We specialize in providing easy jobs and education offers to the people. We make world of education easy to students and staffs.

How do we help?


It is very important to easily get familiar with most important education resources to study, this increases learning and understanding. Hausaflix dedicated to provide the reviews on most important books in the following fields medicals, logistics, and finance that will be assisting people through out career.


In the time when jobs is very difficult to reach large amount of people or masses cannot locate their most their jobs, we get solution to this problem. With Hausaflix Jobs Board Thousand of people located Jobs easily, we are always at our best at serving jobs updates and giving guides on how to locate most interesting jobs fitted your education.


Education is very crucial elements of living, it’s a light that guide your life, so to find education must travel even if it will take you to reach fence of the world. Hausaflix provide updates about Best schools, tutors, books and learning centers in the world to make it easy for the people.

That is how valuable Hausaflix is in life, contact us for any enquiry.

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