Top 10 highest Paying NGOs in Nigeria

Top 10 highest Paying NGOs in Nigeria The non-governmental organization (NGO) sector in Nigeria offers a range of rewarding job opportunities that not only provide a chance to make a difference in people’s lives but also offer competitive compensation packages.   This guide has highlighted the top 10 highest paying NGO jobs in Nigeria in […]

How to be a good employee at working

How to be a good employee at working There are tips that can make you best employee at work place and the best of all is to understand your jobs role. Understanding your job role is important in order to perform your duties effectively and to communicate your responsibilities and tasks to others. Here are […]

Best Advice For Workers In Nigeria

Best Advice For Workers In Nigeria Here are list of 20 advices to all civil and public servants in nigeria   1. Build a home earlier. Be it rural home or urban home. Building a house at 50 is not an achievement. Don’t get used to government houses. This comfort is so dangerous. Let all […]

7 Countries that Demand Nurses

Countries that demand nurses There are many countries around the world that are in need of nurses. Some countries that have a high demand for nurses include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore. However, it’s important to note that the requirements for becoming a nurse, including the education […]

Top 10 Most Paid Nursing jobs In The World

Top 10 Most Paid Nurses In The World The highest-paid nurses in the world are typically found in countries with high costs of living and advanced healthcare systems, such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. Within these countries, the highest-paid nurses are typically those with advanced degrees and specialized certifications, such as nurse […]

Simple ways to improve your skills

How to improve knowledge and skills at work Knowledge and skills are two important concepts that are often used interchangeably but refer to different aspects of a person’s abilities. Knowledge refers to the information and understanding that a person has acquired through education, experience, or research. It can include facts, concepts, principles, theories, and procedures. […]

Scholarship in Canada 2023

Scholarship in Canada The Canada government offers a variety of scholarships to international students who wish to pursue their studies in the country. Study in Canada Scholarships aim to increase opportunities for Canadian post-secondary institutions to welcome international students from a wide range of countries and territories on short-term exchanges for study or research. This […]

Top 10 best canada’s jobs in 2023

Top 10 best canada’s jobs in 2023 Canada has a strong and diverse economy, which offers a wide range of job opportunities for skilled and experienced workers. Here are some of the best jobs in Canada, in terms of high pay, job growth, and demand. In this article we are going to discuss best jobs […]