10 importance of planning in management

10 importance of planning in management


10 importance of planning in management

Planning is a critical function of management that involves setting objectives, formulating strategies, determining resources, and outlining actions to achieve specific goals.

For example Planning is very important for organizations, like a business wanting to expand its sales, and for individuals, like a person who wants to switch jobs. Some projects take more planning than others, but the choices in our lives need a little bit of thought.

Here are ten important reasons why planning is crucial in management:

Goal Setting

Planning helps in setting clear and specific goals, which provides direction for the entire organization.

We all know that before we begin to plan, we likely develop it base on the idea we have and we want to achieve.

In term of goal setting Planning helps to refine the goal and determine if can be realistic or not. As an example, you might want to increase sales in your business to a specific number, or switch to a new your job to another organization.


After taking the time to plan, you realize that number was a bit too high based on factors outside your control or you don’t have requirement for that specific jobs you want. You need to adjust your goal based on this new information’s.

Resource Allocation

It helps in determining the resources required for achieving the goals, including human, financial, and material resources.

As we mentioned in settings goal planning give you insight on what are the necessary materials you needs in achieving your goals.

Risk Management

Planning allows for the identification of potential risks and their mitigation or avoidance.

Decision Making

Planning helps in making informed decisions by providing a structured approach to analyzing alternatives and selecting the best course of action.


It enables coordination between different departments and functions of an organization, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.


Planning helps in identifying and eliminating unnecessary tasks or processes, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.


It enables better control over the operations and activities of the organization, ensuring that everything is done as per the plan.


Planning allows for flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances, ensuring that the organization can respond to unexpected events or situations.


Planning facilitates communication between different levels of management and employees, ensuring that everyone is aware of the goals and the strategies for achieving them.


It helps in ensuring continuity and stability in the organization’s operations, even in the face of changes in leadership or personnel.

This article simply explained in details the10 importance of planning in management, in a way that is very easy understandable.

Hope this helps.

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